Olney, Maryland – Not Just Another Sleepy Town

Olney, Maryland – Retail Flooring

Hardwood Flooring in Olney-BrookevilleYou may ask, why is a retail floor store writing about Olney, MD? I would ask the same question, so here is the short answer. This small town represents twenty percent of our business and deserves to be recognized by us. Without Olney we would struggle to stay in business. Here is a big shout out “thank you” to the residents and businesses that truly makes a difference in this family run floor store.

Here are a few interesting facts about Olney, MD that I thought was worth highlighting.

  • Over eighty eight percent (88%) of the residents own their home. This is a major difference when only sixty three percent (63.6%) of residents own their home across America.
  • The median income per household is $118,221. The national median income sits right about $59,000, Olney doubles the national average for house hold income.
  • Married couples make up sixty seven percent (67%) of Olney’s population, again above the national average of a little over sixty percent (60.8%).
  • Olney is made up of thirteen square miles with an overall population just over thirty-four thousand people.
  • Olney has a sister town in Olney, England.
  • Did you know the first refrigerator was patented in Olney?

These are a few facts I found interesting when researching information about Olney. There is a wealth of history in this small town, and I highly recommend you look at this gem right in our back yard. Thank you again for being a great town of good people and please keep supporting this family business.

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