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Choosing a hardwood for your Gaithersburg, MD location
Hardwood offers many well-known advantages. It’s natural, beautiful, warm, and easy to maintain. The cost is equivalent to other high quality floor coverings, but it will last for decades. It also creates a healthy environment, minimizing the risk of dust allergies.

Available in many styles with a wide variety of features, hardwood flooring can complement any decor. Hardwood enhances a Gaithersburg home’s interior and can add equity to the home’s value.

When designing your room with hardwood floors, keep in mind that not only are there many species and colors to choose from, there are also many board widths to select from. Hardwood floors are considered strips when they are made in 2 ¼” wide and planks when they are made wider. Standard planks come in 3”, 5”, or 7” widths; however, with such a variety in wood, there are other widths available in specialty products.

Hardwood in Gaithersburg, the premium choice
Buying a hardwood floor is an important decision and a significant investment. In order to choose the type of flooring that’s right for you, it’s important to know your needs and preferences in terms of design, species, durability, technologies and maintenance.

You will probably purchase a hardwood floor once in your life……make the right choice!

Three ways wood is manufactured
Rockville Hardwood Flooring Store | Gaithersburg Hardwood Floor Store – We specialize in hardwood floors & flooring installation in Montgomery County MD.Solid products are most commonly used in the majority of installations. They are not made for high moisture areas, such as basements. These floors can generally be refinished several times. Commonly they are made in ¾” or ½” thickness and have widths that range from 2” all the way to 15”.

Engineered products are usually glued to the substrate, normally plywood or concrete, but with the advancements in manufacturing technologies, some of these products can also be installed using staples or even a “floating” method. These products are used more commonly in the basement or over any other concrete substrates. The engineered products can handle more moisture, due to the way they are manufactured, then a normal ¾” solid hardwood. This style of wood is usually 3-, 5-, or 7-ply backing with a solid top. Some of which can even be refinished!

Floating Hardwood is generally an engineered wood that is made to interlock with one another and is not fastened to any permanent structure, such as the subfloor. This style of hardwood is great for covering old vinyl floors and is generally less expensive than the other styles of wood. These products are normally 3” to 5” in width.

The installation of hardwood floors in your Gaithersburg location can be done in many different ways. We can install on a diagonal, insert a border, or as many people choose, we can customize a pattern for you. Our goal is to give you a distinctive look that you will be happy with for years to come.

We specialize in hardwood floors flooring installation in Gaithersburg, MD

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