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Why do people love laminates?

Laminate floors are unlike any other flooring product. Laminate floors will not stain, fade, or dent; and are far more scratch and water resistant then other type of floor covering. Its appeal is not only in the durability and ease of maintenance, but the realistic look they offer of hardwood, ceramic tile, and stone material. This is why Laminate floors have been one of the fastest growing products in the flooring industry year after year.

Considerations for Laminate

Laminate floors vary greatly in price and quality. A base grade laminate is great for low traffic areas and “dressing up” a home you are preparing to sale. These products usually offer a 10 year limited warranty. The higher grade laminate floors have a thicker core and wear layer. You will find they offer a more realistic look and have higher sound-deadening capabilities. The better grades usually come with a water warranty as well as the ability to be installed in a powder room, foyer, or kitchen area. The warranty on these laminates usually range from 10 years to lifetime.

It is just as important to use the correct underlayment as a sound and/or moisture barrier. There are several grades of underlayments as well. The differences in these are usually the thickness and density of the underlayment, which affects the amount of the “echo sound“ heard when walking across a laminate floor. Most of these will come with the appropriate moisture barrier attached.

Since the introduction of “snap and lock” laminates, there is no longer the concern for messy adhesive cleanup. When the installers are finished with your installation, you can immediately walk on and enjoy your new floor.

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“Sean, Mike and Don were amazing. I could not have asked for better guys to do the job so efficiently, fast and they are clean! Because of these guys- I would have them do my whole house!! I trust them immensely. You have a great staff!!
Thanks again, the girls love their room.”

-Mellissa B., Potomac, MD

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