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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Years ago, hardwood floors were very inexpensive and it seemed that everyone had them, but as styles changed, these floors were often carpeted over. Now homeowners making renovations to their dwellings are removing that carpeting to find wooden floors that have been neglected for years. Many homeowners had no idea that the hardwood was even there.

While these floors can look very poor at first, many can be refinished and made to look like new in no time. Homeowners find that the existing floor is cheaper to refinish, then to replace the carpet or cover them with another floor covering.

Many do-it-yourselfers try to refinish the hardwood floor themselves in an effort to save money; however, they quickly realize that this is best left to flooring professionals After buying the finishes, numerous grits of sandpaper in different formats, renting at least two types of floor sanding machines, and the plastic to protect the rest of the house; it is almost always cheaper to hire a professional. That’s where we come in.

We have the professional staff, with the proper training and equipment to handle any size job. When we complete the refinishing process, you will see your floor’s shine and original beauty light up your room.

Exposing the hardwood floor adds exceptional beauty and value to your home. Refinishing hardwood is a process that takes some time and patience. However, when complete, they will last for years or even decades to come. Maintaining your wood floors properly after being refinished is almost as important as choosing the right flooring company to do the job.

It is advised to sweep this floor at least twice a week and clean occasionally with an approved wood floor cleaner. Never use any products on the floor that contain ammonia, wax or oil soap, due to the buildup they will leave behind. Always use area rugs at entry areas and hallways to remove dirt and grime. As with all wood in your home, it is recommended to keep the humidity level between 30-60 percent to prevent excessive swelling or shrinking of wood. Contact us now about hardwood refinishing of floors; we’re happy to answer all your questions.

“When I first called AT YOUR DOOR FLOOR STORE about refinishing my floors, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But they arrived on time in a fully equipped truck, and the friendly flooring expert examined my stained and scuffed-up hardwood floors with a knowing eye. He assured me that they would be able to restore the shine to even the well-worn paths my kids and dogs have made through the middle of my living room on their way to the kitchen. The salesman was knowledgeable, able to answer all my questions easily. He told me he had over a dozen years’ experience in flooring and it showed! He wrote up the ticket and I signed on the dotted line. The next morning, two men, clean, neat and very polite, showed up with their machines to buff out and then re-seal my floor. There was a minimum of noise, no harsh smell and they meticulously cleaned up after themselves. I was amazed at how quickly they worked, and when they were through, my hardwood floors shone like new! From start to finish, the AT YOUR DOOR FLOOR STORE salesmen and refinishers were knowledgeable, quick and thorough, and I was thrilled with the results. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great prices and fast, easy restoration of worn, scuffed floors to a brilliant shine. These guys are great!”
-Mysti, Damascus, MD

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