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Vinyl is easy to maintain and ideal for moisture/spill prone areas. Vinyl has always been the standard floor material for bathrooms, kitchens and foyer areas. The underfoot comfort of vinyl floor covering is definitely an immense advantage for those rooms where standing for prolonged periods of time is common, such as the kitchen area.

Vinyl is offered in a wide range of textures, patterns and colors. Vinyl tops the fashion scale with its wide variety of contemporary to traditional patterns with low or high gloss finishes. Common styles include realistic looks of ceramic, stone, hardwood, etc. With the endless selection and affordability of vinyl floors available today, they are now commonly found in all areas of the house.

You will find that the price per square foot generally dictates the quality of the overall floor. The base grade products are finished with a “no wax finish” and are ideal for low traffic areas. As vinyl increases in price, so does the advantage of an enhanced urethane finish. These superior finishes are virtually stain proof and come with warranties that are significantly greater.

Vinyl is sold in both sheet and tile formats. Sheet vinyl is offered in both 6’ and 12’ widths and the length is purchased as needed. Vinyl tiles come in various sizes and thickness (most common square size is 16” x 16”). With the diversity and durability of today’s vinyl products, it is a great floor for any room and design desired. Want to learn more about vinyl flooring; use this link to contact us?

“Thank you for an exceptional and very professional job! My family will be proud to recommend At Your Door Floor Store.”
-Mr. W., Gaithersburg, MD.

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